Handy Approach© : Hopes/Wishes

thumb_IMGP4512_1024What matters to you at the moment, in the next few months and in the coming year?


  • What your patient is thinking?
  • Strengths-based Approaches which support an individual’s independence, resilience, ability to make choices and wellbeing.
  • How would you know that what we have offered has been useful?
  • Continuity of relationship – the number and variety of people contributing to the care of people in their last years/months/days of life can be difficult for them and their family/carers to comprehend and may increase admissions to hospital.
  • Aim for partnership to coproduce goals of care 

Develop Highly Functional Teams  to be able to elicit aspirations and coproduce care. These are teams which are cohesive, communicate well, are clear on their roles and goals, have mutual regard and high levels of social capital within the team. They demonstrate:

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