Handy Approach© : Setting

thumb_IMGP4512_1024 copyAre you alone at night?

If so, then why?


  • Loneliness. Identifying people at risk of loneliness can be difficult, but targeting those disproportionately affected by loneliness – lower socio-economic groups, the widowed, the physically isolated, people who have recently stopped driving, those with sensory impairment and the very old – has proven most effective.
  • Staying with older people overnight in hospital. Patients and carers have traditionally been seen as a burden on the NHS, instead of a source of insight, energy and motivation for change. Benefits can outweigh perceived risks and have been described at several hospitals.
  • Social psychology and the impact of interpersonal interactions  on wellbeing
  • A person’s social networks can have a significant impact on their health and strong communities promote wellbeing and resilience.
  • Gratitude – recent research suggest  being grateful may positively impact physical health and mediate loneliness.

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