Handy Approach© : Function

Are you able to get out of bed?

If not, then why?


  • The Visible and Invisible Process of Dying
  • ‘When you’re 83, it’s not going to be 20 years’. Understanding functional rather than disease trajectories to determine prognosis, enables better preparation for transitions in the final chapter of life
  • Pain: Moving forward alongside pain by telling people about my pain; being part of a community; redefining normal; realising there is no cure, becoming the expert; integrating my painful body.
  • Deprescribe medication as there is more than 80% chance of an Adverse Drug Interaction if more than seven drugs are prescribed
  • Aim for Minimally Disruptive Medicine
  • Allow people to have a Natural Death – have ReSPECTthumb_IMGP4512_1024 (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment




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